Alta via n.1 - Rifugio Biella - Seekofel Hütte
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Alta via n.1

The Alta Via delle Dolomiti n.1 runs from north to south in the Eastern Dolomites and is largely located in the Province of Belluno. The first stage, from Lake Bràies to the Biella refuge at Croda del Becco, is located in the province of Bolzano. The entire Alta Via can be covered on average in 12 days, is about 150 km long and consists of an altitude difference of 8000 meters uphill and 10170 meters downhill. 



It starts from the Hotel at Lake Braies: take the road southwards that follows the western shore of Lake Bràies to the first inlet, then enter the easy path marked with n. 1 which follows the shore to its extreme southern tip. From here begins the climb that gradually becomes steeper and more tiring along the valley dominated by the first offshoots of the Croda del Becco. Going up a dense basin of baranci you come to a bottleneck created by two rocks from which you go around the jump passing on the left and then moving into the upper furrow.


After the wood you reach a concave clearing, overcome an easy rocky step and  arrive at an area strewn with boulders where, if you pay attention, you can see a small spring. Zigzagging you finally reach the passage called Porta sora ‘l Forn (or Forcella Sora Forno-Ofenscharte), 2388m near a small votive chapel.


Going down a little, you reach the Biella refuge at the Croda del Becco, 2327 m, on which the immense rocky slab of the characteristic and very strange Croda del Becco, 2810 m, can be easily reached by a discreet path in the rock in about 1 hour and 15 minutes from the refuge. A great view from the top is granted!


Walking time: 3,30 hours