The Biella Hut, Seekofel Hütte in German language, is located at the base of Croda del Becco or Seekofel. First stage of the Alta Via n. 1 and crossroads of numerous routes in the Ampezzo Natural Park and the neighboring parks of Sennes, Fanes and Braies.

Opening 2024:

from 15/6 to 6/10

CANCELLATION POLICY: the 50% deposit paid to guarantee the booking cannot be refunded.

The BIELLA – SEEKOFEL HÜTTE Hut is located inside the territory of the Dolomites registered by UNESCO in the List of Natural Heritage of Humanity.
The Sky is a Neighborhood

The hands of the large blue clock we call sky mark times too long to be human.


However, every August 10th, “shooting stars” remind us that this sky has something to offer us. Whether they are private wishes or scientific data, this age-old phenomenon still has much to say, to us and about us.


An evening of scientific wandering awaits you, with explanations and guided observations by Francesco Sergio, aka Oltre il Muro del Tuono, a Physics graduate with so many stories to tell.

The event will be held on August 10 from 9:00 pm to approximately 10:00 pm. Free participation.
Participants are advised to dress well for the outside viewing.

2327 M

Alpe di Fosses



Around the hut

Photo Credits: Alice Pancheri.

History references

Seekofelhutte-Rif. Croda del Becco

The hut was built by the Austro-German Alpine Club of the Eger section (a Bohemian city today called Cheb) and inaugurated on 16 July 1907 with the name of Egererhütte.
Rifugio Biella vista dall'alto


During the opening time of the hut we offer the kitchen service proposing traditional local dishes.


On winter, when the refuge is closed, the bivouac at 100 m. from the refuge it is always open for hikers.



How to arrive

How reach us


From Ref. Malga Ra Stua, 1668 m, 2.45-3 hours T: on the cart track (s. 6) to Cianpo de Crósc, Val Salata and before the ref. Sènes, below Còl de ra Scióres, right at the refuge


From Rif. Malga Ra Stua, 1668 m, 2.30-2.45 hours E: on the cart track (s. 6) to Cianpo de Crósc, right with path. 26 to Crépe de Socròda, Mónte de Fòses, Lago Gran de Fòses and to the refuge


From the shelters of the Munt de Sènes, 2050/60 m, hours 0.45-1 T: with sent. 6 and then on the cart track (s. 6-23) to Cianpo Ros


From Lago di Bràies, 1489 m, 3-3.30 E: with path 1 to Forcella Sora Forno, 2388 and shortly downhill to the refuge

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