History references

Seekofelhutte-Rif. Croda del Becco

The hut was built by the Austro-German Alpine Club of the Eger section (a Bohemian city today called Cheb) and inaugurated on 16 July 1907 with the name of Egererhütte.


The initial management of the refuge was entrusted to Mrs. Babette Knollseisen from Tires. Initially the hut was developed on two floors with 27 beds (15 in triple bedrooms and one dormitory with 12 places). In 1909 the management was entrusted to Hermine Egger of Windisch-Matrei (today called Matrei in Osttirol), who kept it until 1912, when it passed to Mrs. Anna Oberhammer. In 1913 expansion works were carried out, but in 1914, following the outbreak of the First World War, the refuge became the property of the Austro-Hungarian army as it was located in a strategic point with respect to the Son Pouses front.


After the conflict, Cortina d’Ampezzo became part of the Kingdom of Italy (1918) and the refuge became the property of the Italian army. In 1920 it was taken over by the CAI Section of Biella which expanded it and reopened it with the name of Rifugio Biella.


Following the Second World War, the refuge was managed by the Treviso section of the CAI, and then passed in 1992 to the family of the mountain guide Guido Salton who managed it until 2022.